You are wearing eating pants for these Butterfinger Bars, right? Like I mentioned in the previous post all prayers for mercy will go unanswered.  So, before we get started, let’s agree will power is overrated and accept that your hips are going to pissed. Done? Alright, let’s get obscene

Going from the bottom up you’ll find a chocolate chip cookie dough crust that’s been layered with a heavy bricking of 5 king size packages of Butterfinger.  To add some soft creaminess against the Butterfinger crunch and ease the sweetness is a layer of cheesecake. Finishing things off is a crumbled sprinkling of more cookie dough and a fistful mini chocolate chips.

I know these are a little over the top, but remember when I made these Extreme Brownie? Yeah—let’s be glad that I didn’t take these Butterfinger Cookie Dough Cheesecake Bars and  wrap it in puff pastry. Although thinking it about now, it would probably make this even better by adding another textured layer and some salty to the sweet equation. If anyone decides to go extreme like that, come back and let the rest of us know.

by: Bakers Royale