Being a Californian means you get really spoiled when it comes to the abundance of amazing fruits offered here year round.  When I’m hankering for something citrus-y I love to make meyer lemon bars.  Lucky for me both of my brothers and my parents have meyer lemon trees on their property that are never in want of fruit.    Buttery, crisp shortbread topped with refreshing and subtly-sweet curd filling….absolutely delicious!

You don’t have to use meyer lemons for this recipe but if you can find them you won’t regret it.  The sweetness of the meyer variety is a nice change from the lip-puckering tartness that you’d find with a regular lemon.

Most recipes have you pour a concoction of lemon juice, eggs and sugar over a warm, partially-baked crust.  Easy enough – but the problem I find with this method is that the filling never seems to set properly even after the bars are baked and cooled.  Try slicing nice even squares and you get sticky and gooey pieces.  Not ideal.  What I love about this recipe is that the filling is pre-cooked, like a curd, and when baked further in the oven its silky smooth texture holds its shape beautifully. The recipe is so much affordable for everyone, hope you like it!

by: Treats