This choux is so light, when lift it up from the plate you may think that there is nothing inside.
Because this time the filling for this choux is not a pastry cream or diplomat cream (pastry cream+whipped cream), but it’s caramel flavour whipped cream instead. The whipped cream is light but full of flavour. The caramel flavour come from caramelised sugar and honey, the smell of honey will be the key aroma too, so choose the one that you like ^^. When making caramel, you can stop at the stage that you like, but don’t forget that you want the caramel not the bitter taste, (anyway, if you don’t let it boil enough it won’t have caramel taste and the cream that you get will be sweeter).
I think you will fall in love with this choux after trying it, it doesn’t make you feel heavy at all, my sister ended up eat 2 pieces in a row, haha. Serve it with hot tea or black coffee is recommended, the creamy and sweetness from the choux will be a good companion with the bitterness from your drinks.