When it comes to sweets, there are hundreds of desserts to choose from. If you want to eat for the moment, however, the trendiest, most delicious, and most popular dessert right now is cupcakes. Not only are they delicious, but they’re cute too. They’re the perfect size for a one-person dessert you never feel like you’ve eaten too much. They’re not just for kids anymore; they can be dressed up to be served at the fanciest wedding or dressed down for casual get-together. They are portable and easy to serve to a crowd. Everyone gets an equal share, so nobody feels they didn’t get enough.

Here are some flavors of cupcakes:

Lemon Cupcakes


Biting into a lemon cupcake isn’t anything like sinking your teeth into an actual lemon. Although there will be a definite bit of tartness with the cupcake — the amount of which is determined by the recipe — the overriding sensation should be sweet. In fact, that’s what makes this variety so popular. People who like a little sour with their sweet have found an answer to their dessert dilemma after years of passing up chocolate and red velvet cupcakes. Lemon cupcakes have really gained popularity in recent years, and you’d be hard-pressed to walk into a specialty cupcake store and not find one.

Lemon cupcakes typically consist of a yellow, lemon-flavored cake with sweet but slightly tangy yellow frosting. If the combination of lemon cake and lemon frosting is too tart for your taste, ask for an frosted cupcake with just a light dusting of powdered sugar for a subtle dose of extra sweetness.

Red Velvet Cupcakes


Red velvet cupcakes are big treats in miniature form. Instead of ordering an entire red velvet cake, why not choose a portion-controlled red velvet cupcake. This variety is moderately decadent and easier on both the wallet and the waistline than a full-sized cake, a fact that has helped red velvet cupcakes become virtually synonymous with the modern cupcake movement. It’s a trendy, grown-up flavor in a kid-sized form that appeals to sweet-lovers of all ages. In fact, red velvet cupcakes often outsell all other flavors, including such traditional favorites as chocolate and vanilla, in some specialty cupcake stores

Red velvet cupcakes don’t really differ from their full-scale brethren. The little red cakes are smaller, but otherwise identical, to full-scale red velvet cakes, and they are topped with the same cream cheese-based frosting.