Pizza is the greatest cuisine in the world and my favorite food. Mostly everyone in the world has had pizza in some way or form. First, the taste, depending on the topping you choose; pizza can be different for everyone. It can be spicy if you add jalapenos, or choose to spread some red peppers over it. It’s hot, and succulent at the same time. It’s truly a wonderful taste when you take that first bite, and all the flavors of the sauce, cheese, and seasoning go rushing towards your taste buds. Second thing, the sound pizza makes. That crunchy sound you hear when biting into that delicious seasoned crust.

Here are some flavors of Pizza:

Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza


This is one of the most popular flavours of pizza in the world. This is Americans favourite flavour as well. The pepperoni is a spicy food, an Italian-American variety of salami (a dry sausage) usually made from cured pork and beef. These are mostly chopped ham cut in circular thin pieces and placed on the pizza to form the topping. This pizza with pepperoni is then topped with a generous load of extra cheese. Pepperoni Pizzas are popular all over the world and is really a tasty flavour of pizza. However, in country like India, the pepperoni pizzas actually have chicken slices in most outlets and it still manages to be of equal taste as with the ham.

Double Cheese Pizza


This is a very popular veg. pizza which has a double thick layer of cheese. The double cheese pizza is very popular because of the lovers of cheese in this world are many. It is indeed one of the best and tasty pizzas among the vegetarian flavours. These are plain pizzas loaded with oodles of extra cheese which makes it delicious and most lip smacking.